ORGANIC Farming...Nature’s Way

Ocean Mama Organic Shrimp is recommended by Ocean Wise as a trusted, sustainably sourced seafood product. To ensure our shrimp are held to the highest standards, our Executive Chef, Poyan Danesh, teamed up with Ocean Wise’s award-winning Executive Chef, Ned Bell, to visit our farms in Vietnam.

Poyan Danesh and Ned Bell

“After visiting the Ocean Mama Organic Black Tiger Shrimp in their pure natural Mangrove environment and seeing first hand the environment and standards involved, I was impressed. Using Sea Salt as the only other ingredient, I can now say with certainty that the Ocean Mama Organic Black Tiger shrimp is one of the purest, most delicious, naturally sustainable Shrimp available today.”
Chef Ned Bell - Executive Chef, Ocean Wise

Organic SHRIMP Natural Environment

Mangroves are the natural nurseries of many aquatic species. From oysters to fish to our organic shrimp, the saltwater immersed roots of these shoreline forests are the foundation for a healthy aquatic habitat for all kinds of species. And, our organic aquatic farming initiatives ensure they continue to flourish naturally.


All Ocean Mama organic shrimp are bred from non-GMO broodstock. They are then released into the mangrove forests – their natural environment. There, they grow free of pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics, hormones and irradiation. Come harvest time, the shrimp are selectively corralled through nets naturally by the rising and lowering of tides. In this manner, the natural integrity of the mangrove ecosystem is maintained.